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Our members and team members share values ​​that will help strengthen our ideals.

We consider three values ​​and principles the following values ​​at an ethical, pragmatic and emotional level:


Equality = We strive to ensure social development and fairness in order to provide opportunities for all without discrimination.

Innovators = We adapt different methods of teaching to discover and develop research that contribute to the community in general.

Optimists = We are convinced that the enthusiasm and hope will contribute in our various works with the illusion of cooperating with our best efforts every day.

Integral training leads us to preserve and expand the following values:

     - We seek that all the members are solidarity for the social development is for the benefit of the participants and their collaborators. Where social development is in favor of evolving the various communities.

     - As members of the company that provides services to the

     - Knowledge and human development we expose: That, we seek the development of equality of opportunities in educational, social, economic and cultural level within the various public organizations and private companies

     - Our organization ensures transparency in its acts at an institutional and interactive level within its work teams. We hold a responsible and common work with our collaborators under the same principles.

     - We watch and encourage for equal opportunities within public organizations and private companies between women and men before the law

     - Respect and defense of the cultural diversity of different societies. This encourages the respect and the multicultural integration of the diverse populations that focus on social evolution and be friendly to the environment.


     Presenting the values ​​of our organization will be within the guidelines of the principles that guarantee the services with the levels of excellence. We want Kidz at Play Recreation Community to be an organization:

Integral Training

  • Impartial

  • High standards of training and quality services

  • Form work teams with public and private organizations

  • Social, sustainable and fight against poverty

  • Protector with the environment

  • Non-profit

  • Forming Highly Professional Staff

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