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Infants are very special to us at Kidz at play. We offer a loving and caring environment where nurturing and physical affection are given freely. We are dedicated to maintaining the strong bonds of love, warmth and security that your child enjoys at home with you, and we are committed to meeting your child’s psychological, developmental and emotional needs while he or she is in our care. In our infant room, your child will experience an opportunity for learning every moment of every day.


The toddler years are truly amazing. They are filled with magical discoveries, developmental achievements, and strides in independence. Your child will experience a structured learning environment built upon the Creative Curriculum that promotes exploration, inspires creativity, and encourages individuality. Many different activities will assist in stimulating your child’s development with lessons that will encourage them in areas of various skills such as fine motor, language and social. Toilet training, a major milestone for a toddler, is something we assist with as well to help your child gain the independence needed for PreK.


As your child transitions from toddlerhood to childhood, will be there to assist our families during this important time. At the same time, we will challenge your child to reach even more ambitious milestones. We are committed to developing the whole child – academically, developmentally, mentally, socially and emotionally. The students in this class are fully toilet trained, are familiar with the alphabet/numbers/colors/shapes, and can communicate in full sentences. Writing is introduced in our PreK3 class, starting with learning to write their names. Built upon the Creative Curriculum,  PreK 3 Program’s main goal is to fully prepare the student for Pre-Kindergarten.


PreK 4 Program is considered one of the most important offered at our school. This program will fuse together the countless skills taught to the students over the last several years as we prepare them for kindergarten. It is the final step in the Big Smiles’ journey to ensure that all graduates are “school ready”. The program encourages the development of readiness skills through storytelling, real language experiences, math manipulatives, science and discovery experiments, literature-based activities, art, social studies and other hands-on individual and group activities. We are proud to have your child graduate from our Program and excel throughout their educational career.

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