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Our Founder Flor Rohr came to this country after she finished studying nursing at the prestigious Nursing School of Archbishops Loayza in the city of Lima, Peru. Arriving with just my savings, my beautiful two children, and the dream of providing a better life for us, I began my journey.

When the opportunity came to move to New Jersey, we packed our bags and left Miami, Florida. I was blessed to be given the job as a nanny to an autistic child. At first, it was a huge challenge for me to understand his needs and behaviors. I was young and had not seen many cases of autism at the time. The desire, impulse, love and dedication as a mother allowed me to love this child as my own, and with time helped me better communicate with him. During this time his parents were going through many hardships. The mother was diagnosed with cancer and soon passed away. Soon after, the father became an alcoholic. This did not stop me from doing my job, continuing to love and care for him, but eventually in the end DYFS obtained custody.

The pain and love I felt for this child led me to Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. Many children with different kinds of physical, mental disorders, and disabilities were house here. I learned due to the lack of knowledge, training, and community support, many parents placed their children here, with loss of faith, but hopes for a better life for them. Shortly after, I began working for UJA-ADD where Efrat Svollski was my mentor. My passion took over, and I worked with special needs children 7 days a week.

After years of training and earning certifications such as a Degree in Social Work and Early Childhood Education, I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into my organization. We received recognition for “Kidz At Play” in 2010 as a non-profit. “Kidz At Play” in Belleville, NJ became a great asset to the community. Benefiting more than 65 children a year, we helped them and their parents with providing a great environment and many resources for education, physical, and social development.

Opening “Kidz At Play” in the city of Newark, NJ has gone from vision to reality. It has become my team’s priority to provide an excellent program for children that come from families with fewer opportunities and low economic wages. Where children of all kinds can be given the proper tools to gain knowledge, practice skill, feel safe, and play as children should. Where they can grow and feel important. “Kidz At Play” is where parents can also learn and seek help through our resources to guide them with a peace of mind. A haven where children can feel safe in a society filled with discrimination and hard times. Because just like myself, every parent has a dream to provide a better life.

We invite all people of good will, public and private organizations to contribute and support our program aimed at children so that we may fulfill our mission and help their future

Thank You.  

Mission Statement

Our goal at “Kidz At Play” is to provide a safe, nurturing, homely experience for children. We strove in providing excellent educational resources as well as encouraging and empowering our children with the proper tools in all areas of development.​​

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